I don’t know if my brother and sister-in-law read my blog, but if you do and you’re reading this, I am sorry. Sorry because for years I judged your car. For those of you who don’t know my family, my brother and sister in-law have five kids. When my husband and I were newly dating and then married, their kids were still very small. The kids loved us and loved when we would ride in the car with them. It was fun having Uncle and Auntie in the van for a ride.

You know who did not think it was fun? Uncle and Auntie. Why you ask? Because everything was sticky. Sticky belts, sticky seats, sticky on sticky. For years I thought, these people are wonderful but I guess sticky is their thing, which I found unusual since my sister-in-law is a major clean freak. Anyways, the moral of the story is that for years I stood high on my pedastil judging them for their stickiness and now that I am where they were all of those years ago, I am ashamed.

Let me explain.

A few months ago, I was cleaning out our land fill van, and I found a cup holder in the back filled with…….possibly apple sauce? I don’t even know. It looked like apple sauce that had gelled together to form a thick paste. Not long after that, I stuck my hand under the seat to retrieve a water bottle and discovered a collection of gooey lollipop sticks.

After that incident, my husband and I had a heart to heart and came to the sad conclusion that we are the sticky people now. Oh, the horror.

Enter my van and you are bound to leave with some form of ick attached to your body. Turns out, my brother and sister in-law weren’t sticky, their kids were. Turns out my sister-in-law is most definitely a clean freak but the amount of energy it takes to keep up with the stickiness of children is more than any person can keep up with. I clean the stickiness only to find triple the stickiness two days later.

For me, the gross factor has spread from not just the car but to the house too. My kids like to try to brush their own teeth and more times that I can count, I have had the pleasure of stepping on thick, sticky toothpaste that has become one with the rug by our sink.

Today, I would kill for a ride in my brother and sister in-laws car. Now that their children are older, it’s so clean! It smells really good and there is no stickiness to be found! Oh what is that life?! Will we get there again?!

Well, I personally cannot deal with the sticky car any longer. I am one of those people that does not function well with chaos. I have 3 small kids so you can imagine that my level of functioning is at an all time low but I refuse to let my car be another place where chaos reigns. As such, I hope to implement a few changes to try to get this part of my life back in orders.

1 // The Keep it Clean CarBage Bag

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 4.38.33 PM

My first order of business, investing in several of these “Carbage” bags. First of all, Carbage? Whoever came up with that play on words is a marketing genius! I am going to buy 4 over a period of a few pay periods and decorate my car with them! Maybe, if my kids (and my husband, let’s be real) have a designated place to put their garbage they will refrain from throwing it all over the floor of the car? One can hope.

2 // I am going to have my kids pick up one thing from the car each time they get out. This sounds good in theory and I don’t know if I will reach my goal of doing this every single time but I am all about lofty goals and reaching for the stars and what not.

3 // Two words. TOY BAN. I will restrict the amount of stuff the kids can bring in the car at one time. My car is not just full of stickiness but also toys. It’s a veritable Toys R’ Us in there! (RIP Toys R’ US) One toy. That is it. They must also bring the toy out with them when they leave.

4 // Limited food in the car. I never wanted my kids to eat in the car in the first place. I had seen the underside of one to many car seats and knew the horror that lurked under them. But 3 kids and way to many melt downs later, food has made its way into my car. Sometimes a mom just needs peace and quite and the only way to get that is to fill the kids mouths with food. Filled mouths = silent car! I will try my best to dial down on the food in the car in the hopes that the stickiness will dial itself down too.

I have high hopes for implementing these cleaner car strategies. I plan to clean the entire car out so that we can start from scratch. I will be sure to update with the status of project “De-stick” in a few weeks.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions on how to free my car from the tyranny of my children!




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