1 // I think that the above is so funny. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh. My husband is less than amused by it. I showed it to him one day and I was just dying laughing about the cleverness of it all because, you know, Usher had an album called “Confessions.” Well, instead of big belly laughs from him I got side eye and a look of pity…possibly disgust? Appreciate my cleverness, I said. It’s not funny, he said. That, folks, is the key to 11+ successful years of marriage. Brutal honesty. Thanks Bae.

2 // I am pretty sure that I have gained 10 pounds from eating energy bites in the last 2 weeks. I wrote a post on how to make these delicious bits of crack and have made it my mission in life to make copious amounts of them and then eat them at a socially unacceptable rate. Sure, my pants are tight and my arteries are probably lined with peanut butter but #cantstopwontstop.

3 // By the time this post is up, I will be in Charlotte, NC visiting the area. I have never been there before and did a google search to get some information on the area. The first thing that popped up was the unusual amount of rare eyeball cancer that has cropped up in various parts of NC. I started to stress. Is there something in the water? Why all of the eyeball cancer? I thought about not even coming because the last thing that I need on my plate is exposure to something causing eye cancer. I talked myself off of the ledge and decided to make the trip in spite of my personal nonsense. Irrational fear party of 1. 

4 // Speaking of Charlotte, I will be staying at an Airbnb and cannot wait to take a long hot shower without thinking about the water bill. It’s the penny pincher in me! At home, I try to keep my showers short and to the point but when I go out of town….all bets are off! A thirty minute, scalding hot shower is what I look forward to more than anything else. No shame in my penny pinching game!


Time to confess! What kind of mischief have you been up to this week?

– Stephanie



  1. I most definitely look forward to long showers when I am away on travel too. I totally get that. I hope you are having fun in NC. I have never been, but have always wanted to. I am laughing at the usher meme. I always say and these are my confessions, in the Usher voice when I am writing a confessions post. Too funny.

    1. NC would definitely be worth a trip! The food alone in Charlotte was worth it for me! I’m love that you like the Usher meme!! I chuckle every time! 🙂

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