I have been typing and erasing for the last 15 minutes trying to decide what I am going to write in this little space. I had several different blog posts ideas for today but the truth is that I am just horribly uninspired and everything that I write ends up sounding mopey.

The truth is that life feels hard right now and the lightheartedness that I normally like to infuse into my blog posts just isn’t there today.

I like to write content that is simple and fun. In a culture that is so intense, PC about everything and looses its mind over some of the most ridiculous things (l recently read that someone was up in arms because an airplane gave little boys pilot stickers and little girls crew member stickers – but for real who has time to care?), I think it is nice to make a space that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Anywhoo, I will be back on Thursday with a confessions post that I worked on earlier in the week and am hopeful that I can get myself out of this little funk that I am in. Any suggestions on how to make that happen would be greatly appreciated!

– Stephanie


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