1 // My daughters birthday is looming and I was looking online to make her gift wish list. While searching, I came across the funniest kids shirt.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.57.40 PM.png

I mean, who comes up with this stuff?! Whoever it is, I want to know them and be their best friend!


2 //
Speaking of the beach, this weekend should be fairly low key so I was thinking it might be fun to surprise the kids and take them to the beach one afternoon. I am trying to decide if the joy on their faces is worth the insane amount of work it will take. Simple beach trip? Not the case with 3 tiny people who can’t help you do jack!

Before you go thinking I’m the world’s worst mom, I’m pretty sure we will go. I do like seeing joy on their faces. I just wish that sitting on the couch doing nothing brought them the same amount of joy as a beach trip.


3 //
So, AT&T is basically the bane of my existence. When I had cable with them, I was on the phone with them every single month due to insane charges on my account. I have a whole Word document dedicated to my hour long conversations with them. I finally ditched them for cable but somehow got suckered into a cell phone plan with them.

Last month, they were already back to their old shenanigans and the phone calls I love and hold so dear to my heart started back up again. Major eye roll here. So, this month, the bill comes and of course it is wrong. I called them, preparing for the usual hour long knock down and was most pleasantly surprised by the best experience with the kindest AT&T employee. He listened, he didn’t interrupt, he didn’t try to pin all of the issues on me….it was life giving! Rajaun, you do not read my blog, but you are a light in the darkness at AT&T! 


4 //
I have been trying to make better food choices, because wanting to stay alive and all, so this weekend, I am planning on making avocado brownies. The description on the recipe says “fudgy goodness”. I feel like that is a lie and whoever wrote the description probably hasn’t eaten a real brownie is so long that they don’t remember what “fudgy goodness” actually means. As any good blogger should do, I will take plenty of pictures and report back with all of the fudge deets.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 4.22.35 PM.png

These look pretty fudgy so maybe there is hope. 

5 // My kids start back to school on Monday and I am feeling so sad about it. Sad, because I now have to wake up at 6 AM every day in order to get them out of the door by 7 AM. Gone are the days of sleeping in until 7:30 AM. Plus, with school in session, I get to spend the next 9+ months dragging my 6 year old teenager wanna be out of bed every morning. She also has a major ‘tude so it should be a nightmare lot of fun. Maybe, she can just sit this year out.



– Stephanie


2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY.

    1. Just do you know, the avocado brownies were a major disappointment. Andrew ate them but thats not saying much since I feel like his food standards are pretty low. : /

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