1 // Last week, I had the loveliest ladies night out. My friends and I met up in Fort Lauderdale and enjoyed some great food and downtown views from a rooftop bar. The highlight of my night was snuggling with a giant, fluffy golden retriever puppy. He was huge and adorable and everything good in this world.



I am also reminded, on nights like this, that I am old and cannot hang. As we were leaving, at around 11 PM, people were JUST. SHOWING. UP. I was looking at them thinking, “Don’t you know that you could be home in bed?!” “Aren’t you sleepy!?” Nana status. 

2 // My daughter had a loose tooth and she finally pulled it out. It has been hanging on for dear life for the last 2 weeks and any attempt to remove it was met by shrieking and running away. I told her it was turning black and would rot in her mouth if she didn’t pull it out soon. I just couldn’t look at it anymore. Awesome parenting aside, how cute is her little ziplock bag for the tooth fairy?!


3 // Speaking of my daughter, I stumbled on this picture from my maternity photoshoot that I did while I was pregnant with her. I was about 37 weeks pregnant in this picture. She is about to turn six. Oh time, you little thief. 


Look at those well rested faces. Such little babies.

4 // I am currently a Beach Body on demand subscriber. I pay $100 a year for unlimited access to all of their workouts (600+). My current dilemma, the newest workout, that I desperately want to try, does not come out until October. I can, however, pay $39 and have access to it now. The dilemma, do I bite the bullet and pay the $39 or do I hold out until October? I am cheap frugal so I don’t really want to spend the money but I did a sample work out and LOVED it. Decisions. Decisions.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.10.00 PM.png

5 // This week, I posted on my IG account about an object in my house that brings me an insane amount of joy. My lawn gnome.



It made me wonder, what are some things in your life that bring you an unreasonable amount of joy?

Happy Weekend! Stay tuned for a day in the life post coming on Monday!

– Stephanie


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