Today on the good ‘ol blog, I am going to share a favorite summer dessert recipe. Several months back, a church member (Margie) brought the most tasty dessert to Wednesday night dinner. Upon first look, it was very unassuming. A blob of goop on my plate. One bite later, I was hooked and from there, Margie’s goop was born.

This dessert if perfect for the summer! I serve it cold, straight out of the fridge. It is also a very light treat so you will not leave the table feeling like a hippo on those hot summer nights.


1 chocolate pudding pack

1 large container of cool whip

1 box of brownie mix

1 box of Oreos

1 bag of chocolate chips

chocolate syrup (optional – but adds a certain level of visual sophistication to the dish)

STEP 1 // Bake the brownies per instructions on the brownie box.


I used Ghiradelli because I was feeling fancy and it was on sale. 

STEP 2 // While the brownies bake (this normally takes about 40 minutes – so much for instant gratification), prepare the chocolate pudding mixture using the instructions on the box.


STEP 3 // Once the chocolate pudding is ready, combine it in a bowl with the Cool Whip and mix them together.


My dollar store bowl that has served me well for 4+ years. 


It is unlikely that the brownies will be finished baking by the time this step is completed so you will have to come up with a few actives to kill some time.

Time killing activities: Oreo eating, Netflix watching, dance party-ing etc.

STEP 4 // Once the brownies have finished baking, take them out of the oven and crumble them up into small pieces (I do this while the brownies are still hot – patience is not my best attribute).

STEP 5 // LAYER! I start with a thin layer of the chocolate pudding/Cool Whip mixture, followed by crumbled brownies pieces, followed by another thin layer of chocolate pudding/Cool Whip, Oreos, one final thin layer of chocolate pudding/Cool Whip and a sprinkling of chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.


First of three chocolate pudding/Cool Whip layers.


Brownie layer


Oreo layer


Final product – nom nom nom 

STEP 6 // Leave the dessert to sit in the fridge overnight or at least for several hours. Leaving it to sit in the fridge for a period of time will allow the Oreos and brownie bits to soften.

STEP 7 // Eat a socially unacceptable amount and enjoy every minute of it!


Do you have any favorite summer desserts?

– Stephanie

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