Today seems like a good day to do some confessing….

1 // The first one is major for me and I need to get this off of my chest. WHY is everyone so OBSESSED with the Nordstrom anniversary sale?!?! Every blog and Instagram feed that I am seeing right now is posting all of their “picks” and I just don’t get it! First, where do they get all of this cash?! I see so many posts, “OMG! I am obsessed with this shirt and its only $50!!” Only $50?! I can’t pull the trigger on a $10 shirt most days let alone get excited for a $50 shirt. I. DON’T. GET. IT.

2 // Since being home from a 2 week road trip with my kids, I have been desperate for a few hours of alone time. I am working tonight, so my husband was supposed to leave for work at 7:30 AM and drop the kids off at summer camp and day care. 8:00 AM rolls around and they are still here dragging their feet. I put on my workout gear and told my husband that I needed them to hustle out of the door so that I could go ahead and start my workout. Once they left, I changed back into my pj’s and climbed back into bed. I have remained in bed all morning. #momwin

3 // After eating like crap for the last 2 weeks while on our trip, I was supposed to get back into my South Beach diet eating habits. I purchased all of the food that I needed and did great on day 1. Then day 2 came around and…..well….lets just say that I will have to try again next week. After an exhausting 2 week, I just want to curl up in my own bed and eat some dang M&M’s.

4 // When my kids are in the pool and tell me that they have to pee, I tell them to get back in the pool and pee. We are classy people over here and I don’t mind admitting it. 

5 // Yesterday, I ate a Jello pudding with a dinner knife because there were no clean spoon or forks and I couldn’t be bothered to wash one. Lazy? No. Awesome? Yes.


Emma Stone approves. 

What are your confessions this week?

– Stephanie


  1. I feel like I could have written this. I shop at the Nordstrom sale, but it isn’t that big of a deal and a jacket marked down from $300 to $200 isn’t a life changer for me. Ugh. I am lazy when it comes to silverware too. Ha. Love these confessions. I miss writing them.

    1. Thank you! Confession posts are some of my favorite to read and I totally get what you are saying about Nordstrom. The clothes are beautiful and there are a few beautiful pieces that I have been eyeballing but, like you said, saving $100 but still spending $200 does not seem as epic as everyone is making it to be! Whoever does marketing for this Nordstrom sale is a genius! 🙂

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