When I started this blog, I also started an Instagram account. (I had one in the past but deleted it several months ago.) I knew that if I wanted my blog to be read, I would have to be diligent about promoting myself on social media. I made my profile public and started posting, filtering and hashtagging everything. I would post pictures when new blog posts went live, or of my work outs or of the beautiful assortment of eggs at the farmers market. #eggcellent

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I hit one major snag though, I despise Instagram. Wait. Let me rephrase that, I despise all social media. I do not enjoy constantly pulling my phone out to snap a million pictures of whatever I am doing, eating or wearing. I barely care about what I am eating and now I am supposed to take a picture of it and pass it off as some epic moment in time. I do not enjoy recording every moment of my life on stories. I cannot stand the frustration of seeing followers come and go only to be left wondering what you did or did’t do that caused them to hit the dreaded “unfollow” button.

I am also, just in general, not good at social media. Most days I don’t even know where my phone is and I actually like it that way. I have a phone because I have to have a phone.

Social media has made it so difficult for me to live in the now. I want to enjoy the beautiful moments in my life but by the time I take a few 100 pictures, take 10 minute to filter the winner and then another 10 minutes to come up with the perfect description/hashtags, the moment has passed and I have missed it. My kids need my attention but wait, not until mom gets the perfect lighting. My husband needs my time, but wait give me 15 more minutes to come up with the most clever assortment of hashtags. Bleh.

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Where does that leave me in this world where social media is king? I want this blog to grow and I want to connect with other bloggers, so do I view it as means to an end? Do I continue to post, and hope that over time it will come to me more naturally?

I wonder, is it possible to grow this little blog sans social media? It feels like an impossible feat.

– Stephanie


  1. That is so true that with the social media obsession it’s easy to miss living in the now. I am so guilty of that and it’s something I’ve tried to work on!

    1. Me too! I am struggling with feeling like I a need social media and also feeling like I can’t stand it either! lol

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