Five on Friday


I have to work tonight, WHOMP WHOMP, but I have a birthday party to go to this weekend and some other activities planned so the rest of my weekend should still be great!

I am going to end the week with a little Five on Friday!


My sister is single and on a dating app. She is a teacher and told me that she was paired with one of her former students (she never taught him but found out when she told one of the other teachers about him). He lied about his age so the app put him in her age range. She was totally freaked out and I’m pretty sure has sworn off on-line dating. At least for now! It is moments like this that I am so glad I found my husband so early on in life. I hear her stories about dating and it sounds like a massive pain!

+ UPDATE: It turns out that he was not a student. He was a student’s older brother. She still shut it down. 


This week, I have been up at the church every day for Vacation Bible School (VBS) prep. We spend the 2 weeks before VBS making huge sets and organizing all of the supplies and classrooms. I lead the music and am pretty sure that I enjoy it more than the kids. I am basically a kid in a grown persons body.



Last week, my mom treated me to a little shopping trip to Old Navy. The clothes there are usually hit or miss for me but I scored big time with two super cute summer tops and a pair of distressed shorts. Thank you mom for spoiling me!


I mentioned earlier, we are going to a birthday party on Saturday. Our friends have 2 kids who are Irish twins (born a year apart), so they do a joint party every year. They usually go all out for their kids birthdays so I am actually pretty happy to go. Good company, free food and other people to entertain my kids?! SIGN ME UP!


I went to a local water park yesterday with my daughters summer camp. In typical FLA style, the weather went from sunny to torrential down pour in 0.5 seconds. I’m talking giant, heavy rain drops pelting everyone in their faces! Kids were screaming, running and crying for their parents. It was raining so heavy that everything was completely soaked. One little kid lost her shoe and was losing her mind and the other was gripping onto me so tight I couldn’t feel my hands. #neveragain


Stay tuned for a couple of greats posts planned for next week! Weekend rewind, product reviews and more! Have a great weekend!

– Stephanie

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