I have a few blog posts in the works for this week, so I thought I would kick off Monday with a simple “Currently, I’m…” post. These types of post are some of my favorite to read! So………lets get the party started!


WATCHING: The 100 on Netflix. My sister told me to check it out and now I am hooked. The premise is that earth has been uninhabitable for 100’s of years and there are 4,000 people living in an “Ark” in space. They are running out of oxygen and send 100 juvenile delinquents to earth to see if it can sustain life. I am on season 1, episode 11 and CAN’T STOP WATCHING! It is a little bloody so beware if you are squeamish about those types of things but it is dang good!

Apparently, the CW just picked it up for its 5th season. Isn’t that the best feeling ever?! Knowing the the show you are currently binging has multiple seasons to look forward to! WOOT WOOT!

MISSING: My kids. Sappy, I know. They drive me nuts when they are here but I miss their grubby mitts when they are at gone!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our family trip this summer. We are going to Chicago for 2 days and then spending some time in Nashville visiting family. I am so siked to visit Chicago. I have never been and I will be fulfilling one of my dreams of seeing “The Bean” at Millennium Park! Are there any places that I have to visit while I am there? I will be traveling with my kids so it would have to be kid friendly activities!

EATING: Nothing. *WOMP WOMP* I would normally be snacking on something right now but I am doing the first phase of the South Beach Diet in an effort to knock out the last 5-10lbs. of baby weight. The first phase is super restrictive but also VERY effective. You basically can’t eat anything that will bring you any joy. I did it for 2 weeks and lost 7lbs and kept it off. Only 5-10ish to go! I will be doing a post on my experience with it as well as tips and tricks on how to stick with it!

NEEDING TO: Straighten my hair. My hair, it its natural state, best resembles a cross between a lions mane and sticking a finger in a light socket. It is curly, thick, frizzy and unruly. EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL TEXTURE, people say. I have tried so many products with mild to moderate success. It is just soooooo much easier to break out the ‘ol flat iron and call it a day. Stephanie + Flat iron = BFF.

WEARING: sweats and a baggy, gray FIU shirt that is at least 8 years old. I blame the rain for my lack of motivation to get dressed today plus I am working tonight so I am in pre-work nap mode. I’m sure my husband is feeling really lucky right now. #blessed.

WANTING: the sun to grace up with its presence. The weather has been straight up disrespectful this week with the nonstop rain. I NEED SUNSHINE!

Don’t mind me, I will just stare at this picture and imagine the beach air in my hair.

WISHING FOR: a gooey, chocolate chip cookie. Arg! The struggle is real!

What are you currently up to? Comment below!

– Stephanie

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